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NIBK - News: Two New Teachers in BBAM in half a year

During the last half a year, two new teachers in BBAM are “born”:

First, Daniel Catalan Matamoros, Spain, was examined, in mid August 2019, during a 6 hours long oral exchange of theory, movement pedagogy and teaching experiences and structures of strategies to transfer principles from BBAT to physiotherapists. His portfolio was presented, argued for and themes were discussed. This exam was completed in Thorshavn, Faro Island, related to the yearly, summer seminar in the BBAT teacher group.

Second, Jordy den Engelsman, the Netherlands, was examined, in beginning of February 2020, another 6 hours oral exchange focusing on the same themes of BBAM, its theoretical base and pedagogical principles to promote movement quality through a movement awareness learning. Also he presented his portfolio and both practical and theoretical subjects were elaborated within this oral exam. This exam was completed in Almeria, Spain, related to the second edition of the clinical MSc of Physiotherapy in BBAM.  


NIBK – Old news: Two Teachers in BBAM were examined in May 2017

Two BBAM teachers were examined in May 2017: Sirpa Ahola, Lecturer at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland and Anne Marie Bøhme Hetlevik, special physiotherapist, Telemark Hospital, Norway. These exams were completed at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway.


On behalf of NIBK we congratulate all four as teachers in the Society of International Teachers in BBAM.

Bergen 11.02.20

Mary Anne Sundal and Liv Helvik Skjærven