Msc of Physiotherapy in BBAM 2020, Almeria University, Spain

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Msc of Physiotherapy in BBAM 2020, Almeria University, Spain

The 3rd of February 2020, the second edition of the clinical MSc of Physiotherapy in BBAM opened at University of Almeria, Spain, lead by Daniel Catalan Matamoros, Remedios Lopez Liria, and LH Skjærven. 16 very enthusiastic physiotherapists from 13 countries met to Block 1, with two weeks study of movement experience and floor-work at the campus, the first of three blocks. The study program is organized as a one-year intensive education, shifting between the three block-periods (in total 5 weeks) in Almeria and online self-study during the year. Lecturer and teacher in BBAM, Mary Anne Sundal visited the education, for the teaching in Body Awareness Rating Scale – Movement Quality and Experience (BARS-MQE). Another teacher in BBAM, Jordy den Engelsman, the Netherlands, as well as 4 teacher candidates, Alba Jimenez and Patricia Serrano de Andres, Spain, Jorun Simonsen, Faro Island, Dannie Cormier, Canada, also visited the education, participating and presenting clinical cases. Together they represent different physiotherapy cultures, adding clinical value, when sharing experiences from their implementation of BBAM in physiotherapy. 


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