Clinical Master of Physiotherapy in BBAM (60 ECTS) 2022
Friday the 16th of December was the final day for students at the Clinical Master of Physiotherapy in BBAM 2022, University of Almeria, Spain. The 2022 students were 16 physiotherapists from 13 countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Latvia, Poland/Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Norway. 
The Clinical Master is the third edition at the University of Almeria, Spain. It builds on 17 years of academic teaching in BBAT from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway.
Because of the ongoing Covid-situation worldwide, the 2022 edition was a full digital one-year study (January – December). Accordingly, several educational steps were taken to compensate for the loss of the original part-time campus-based teaching. BBAT teachers from nine countries contributed in teaching a variety of clinical implementations in BBAT.
Congratulations to students of 2022 for impressive and intense study involvement in BBAM during the year of 2022!
Kind regards from Liv Helvik Skjærven, PT, PhD 
Management Team, Clinical Master of PT in BBAM, UAL. Spain.