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PhD project Aarid Liland Olsen:


Patient Education and Basic Body Awareness Therapy in Hip

Osteoarthritis: a Randomized Controlled Trial of treatment responses

A collaboration between The University of Bergen, The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Haukeland University Hospital and physiotherapists in Primary Health Care.


Main supervisor: Professor, PhD, PT Liv Inger Strand

Co-supervisors:   Professor, PhD, PT Liv Heide Magnussen                                                                                      Professor, MSc, PT Liv Helvik Skjærven



1.      To examine the supplementary short and long-term effects of Basic Body Awareness Therapy in patients with hip OA, by comparing the outcomes (pain, functioning, and quality of life) of patient education alone with patient education and BBAT combined. We hypothesize that patients with hip OA who participate in BBAT in addition to patient education will improve more over time (4 months and 1 year) than patients who only participate in patient education. (n=100).

2.      To explore patients’ immediate movement experiences when exploring daily-life movements included in BARS. (n=35)

3.      To examine validity and responsiveness over time of BARS as a quantitative measure of movement quality in hip OA. (n=50)


The study is estimated to be completed in the fall 2019. Study design is built on results from a pilot study documented in 2 publications from 2016:


1)      Strand LI, Olsen AL, Nygard H, Furnes O, Magnussen LH, Lygren H, et al. Basic Body Awareness Therapy and patient education in hip osteoarthritis: a multiple case study. European Journal of Physiotherapy. 2016;18(2):116-25. ttp://


2)      Olsen AL, Strand LI, Skjaerven LH, Sundal MA, Magnussen LH. Patient education and basic body awareness therapy in hip osteoarthritis - a qualitative study of patients' movement learning experiences. Disabil Rehabil. 2016:1-8.





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Aarid Liland Olsen MSc, PT&Liv Helvik Skjaerven MSc, PT (2016) Patients suffering from rheumatic disease describing own experiences from participating in Basic Body Awareness Group Therapy: A qualitative pilot Study. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, An International Journal of Physiotherapy, ISSN: 0959-3985 (Print)1532-5040 (Online) Journal homepage: